BERKÄ°N ENERGY as a result of 10 years of R&D studies, the technology we obtained is unique.

Believing that we should have a contribution in the solution of the problem due to the extraordinary situation we experience in the world and in our country, we have developed a device that both destroys Viruses, bacteria and microbes and protects the surfaces against the risk of transmission for a certain period of time.

We have managed to develop and manufacture VDM devices by revising the patented Electro Chemical Reactive Steam Generator technology for this purpose. Our patented Electro Chemical Reaction Steam Generator technology produces steam by consuming much less electricity than traditional systems. The energy required to start the reaction that takes place for steam production is taken into the reactor only and the ongoing reaction is realized by burning the hydrogen separated from the water. Due to this advantageous situation, it minimizes operating costs when used in large facilities. If you wish, you can get information about our technology from the short video below.

In addition, since there is no waste or pollutant gas produced in the production of steam, it is not a health problem in any environment, during operation and 24 hours of operation.

While creating a temperature of 200 ° C in the reactor for steam production, the steam coming out of the spray nozzle contacts the surface at a temperature of 63 ° C. At this temperature, no bacteria or virus can survive by applying steam to a surface (except for the HIV Virus, which requires a temperature of 98 ° C to be destroyed). A homogeneous nano colloidal silver surface is created on the surfaces disinfected with the Nano Silver Ion Solution, which is also included in the system, and the chance of contamination, shelter and life against nano-sized viruses and bacteria is eliminated. Depending on the frequency of use of the surface, Nano Silver Ions can prevent the risk of transmission between 1 week and several months.

Contaminated surfaces can act as a reservoir for pathogenic microorganisms and potentially increase the risk of infection. In a study published in National Center for Biotechnology Information on the disinfection of surfaces; A comparison was made between disinfectants, assuming that a disinfectant should not only disinfect a surface immediately, but also provide a permanent antimicrobial effect after application of the product. As a result of the comparative evaluation of 6 disinfectant formulations in the study, a permanent effect of the silver disinfectant was observed in the treatment with silver ions. Silver-based disinfectant has also shown significant and equivalent efficacy against antibiotics and silver-resistant bacteria. As a result; The potential of silver-based disinfectant to reduce bacterial and virus populations contacting the surfaces within minutes and to cut cross contamination from environmental surfaces is emphasized. The research can be accessed from the link if you wish.

Ultimately, our VDM devices provide perfect disinfection on any surface using both heat and silver ions.

Our company has ISO 45001, ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and SZU TEST certificates, and the R&D studies of these VDM devices were carried out in Technopol with a collaboration involving the lecturers of Istanbul Health Sciences University. In the VDMone series, which is currently in production, the disinfection process to be performed with 15 Liter Water and 3 Liter chemical (Nano Silver Ion Solution) reservoir can be disinfected for 1 hour and 800-1000 square meters with continuous operation. Thanks to the portability of the device and its compact design, the process can be handled with a single operation. This means earnings from the labor force. In addition, the desired 3-liter reservoir (such as hydrogen peroxide) for the chemical can be treated using any other disinfectant.